Pricing and features

Choose the Qraia package that suits you. Whether you want  to store a few contacts and take notes, or collaborate with a large team, there’s a package for your needs. 
The basics are always free. 
For more functionalities and options you can upgrade to Advanced (and in the future also to Super). This allows you to store more contacts, notes and companies. 
And your account is extra secured with 2FA. 
You remain flexible and can switch when you need more (or fewer) options. 

Prices and Subscriptions
Coming Soon!
25per user / month
Everything From Advanced
Unlimited Tags
Unlimited Contacts
Unlimited Companies
Unlimited Notes
Unlimited Tasks
Security with 2FA
add files to a note
Unlimited Users
10per user / month
Everything From free
Max 10 Users
unlimited Contacts
unlimited Companies
unlimited Notes
unlimited Tasks
unlimited tags
security with 2FA
add files to a note
0per user / month
Max 1 Users
50 Contacts
50 Companies
50 Notes
50 Tasks
smart dashboard
always free
Unlimited Tags
2FA Security
add File to a Note

Start Now And Never Lose Anything Again.
Contacts, Notes And Tasks Are Safe.


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