CRM for Associations

Simple CRM for small associations that want to easily keep track of contacts and members.
Without having to pay the top price.
Easily keep track of contacts. Automatically link emails to contacts. Make notes about the contacts.
It can be that simple

The Simplest CRM

For freelancers and self-employed people who want a CRM system to be easy to use. And completely. 
Addresses, notes and tasks, you can easily create them in Qraia CRM.

That is why we dare to say; you can get started in 30 seconds!

An old-fashioned address book, but digital. Never lose email addresses, telephone numbers and addresses again.

Whether you’re creating a conversation log, a to-do list for the next meeting, just write it down before you forget.

To set priorities. With Tasks you can easily keep track of your work and always know which tasks you still have to do.

Link everything. But you really link all notes, tasks, contacts and companies around a theme

Save company data. Link contacts to the company.

Work together with your team. Or partners. This way you always have all the data in one place and everyone knows what their tasks are.

Start Now And Never Lose Anything Again. Contacts, Notes And Tasks Are Safe.